Three Havaneses of our breeding showed excellent results in one day - 5 September 2020.
Terra De Bern Dandy Darcy, that lives in St. Petersburg, again won two CAC dog shows and added the title of Junior Russian Champion to the title of Junior Champion of RKF!!! Well done!!!
St.Petersburg, 05.09.2020 CAC dog shows Triada L and Triumph
Judges: Ivanova T., Vassiliev O.N.
Terra De Bern Dandy Darcy (junior class) - 2хCW, 2хJunCAC, 2хBest Junior, 2хBOB! BestJun - 2, BestJun-3!!!
Excellent debut of Terra De Bern Darling Daphne!!! Three dog shows in one day!
Moscow, 05.09.2020, CAC dog shows Barko, Zhivoy Mir and President
Judges: Shvets I.L., Morozova O.V., Gavrilova Ya.  
Terra De Bern Darling Daphne (junior class) - 3хCW, 2хJunCAC, 2хBest Junior, 2хBOB!
And the first title - Junior Champion of RKF!!!
Excellent debut of Terra De Bern Duchess Belle!!!
Moscow, 05.09.2020, Antares, Korall-1 and Korall-2
Judges: Kashirin N.M., Rodina I.V., Korobkova G.
Terra De Bern Duchess Belle (junior class) - 3хCW, 3хJunCAC, 3хBest Junior, 2хBOB!
Belle closed two titles Junior Russian Champion and Junior Champion of RKF!!!