31 October 2023

Proud of dogs of our breeding!

Congratulations to the bernese Terra De Bern Vicompte De Valmon and his owners with an excellent result at a dog show in a puppy class - very promising and Best Puppy! Well done!
31 October 2023

Mila the Havanese - JunRCh and Jun RKFCh!

Congratulations to Mila (Terra De Bern O'Melly) with winning two titles - Junior Champion of Russia and Junior Champion of RKF!Well done!!!
06 November 2022


Terra De Bern Beowulf (Algrand Berni Nord Winner - Terra De Bern Indian Summer), 17 months old, took part in three dog shows today and won two titles of Youth Russian Champion and Youth RKF Champion. Congrats to his owners!   Excellent debut!
02 November 2022


So excited!! Happy Paws' Hot Girl Summer "Tootsie" became an AKC Champion today at the Sioux Empire KC with a huge 5 pt major!
11 June 2022


Terra De Bern Nicoletta visited a dog show on her way to the country house and won her second title - Best Baby!Well done!
30 May 2022

Excellent debut!

Terra De Bern Nicoletta, daughter of Rocky and Winnie, had a nice start of her show carriere. 27-28 May, 2022 National dog show in Kazakhstan 2x Best Baby and Best of Babies-3. Our warmest congratulations to her owners!
27 June 2021


Excellent debut of Terra De Bern Look Smart and his first title Best Baby! Well done!
22 February 2021

Excellent debut!!!

22.02.2021 3xCAC dog shows in Moscow Experts: Sh. Abrakimov, Ms. Mordvinova, I. Begma TERRA DE BERN SHOW MUST GO ON (junior class) - 3x1ex, 3xJunCAC, 3xBest Junior, BOS and BOB!!! Sherrie won the title of Junior Russian Champion and Junior RKF Champion!!! Our warmest congratulations to her Owners Kirill and Olga!!! Many thanks to her handler Alisa Alterman!
27 September 2020

Debut in Russia

Terra De Bern Aurora Borealis (open class) - 2xCW, 2xCAC, 2xBOB!!!
27 September 2020


Jatakabi's Voice of Finland (open class) - 2xCW, 2xCAC, 2xBOB!!!
27 September 2020

Excellent debut!

Excellent debut of the Havanese puppy of our breeding in the puppy class! Congratulations to his owners!  Terra De Bern Kowboy Marlborough (puppy class) - very promising, Best puppy
08 September 2020


Our warmest congratulations to Terra De Bern Beshamel with the title of InterChampion!
08 September 2020


Three Havaneses of our breeding showed excellent results in one day - 5 September 2020. Terra De Bern Dandy Darcy, that lives in St. Petersburg, again won two CAC dog shows and added the title of Junior Russian Champion to the title of Junior Champion of RKF!!! Well done!!! St.Petersburg, 05.09.2020 CAC dog shows Triada L and Triumph Judges: Ivanova T., Vassiliev O.N. Terra De Bern Dandy Darcy (junior class) - 2хCW, 2хJunCAC, 2хBest Junior, 2хBOB! BestJun - 2, BestJun-3!!! Excellent...
24 August 2020


Terra De Bern Dandy Darcy - 2xJunCAC, 2XBest Junior, 2xBOB!!!
16 July 2020

Dogs of our breeding!

The puppy of our breeding Terra De Bern Extreme Drive, 4,5 months old. Lives in Belarus.
13 July 2020


Congratulations to Irina and Aleksei Komissarov with excellent show results of Terra De Bern Marrakesh and Baltesarini Olympia! Rybinsk BMD MONO Expert: F. Chakovskaya Terra De Bern Marrakesh - Best veteran Baltesarini Olympia -CW All-Russian dog show expert: O. Gachina Terra De Bern Marrakesh - Best Veteran, BOB, Best of veterans - 3 Baltesarini Olympia - CW,RСАС  
06 June 2020

Excellent news

Terra De Bern Amaya enjoys life in Brazil. We are always grateful to get news and pictures of the dogs of our breeding.
28 May 2020


Terra De Bern Show Must Go On , daughter of Joy and Aurora, is 3 months old!Many happy returns of the day!
10 May 2020


Terra De Bern Ille Michelle added a new title - Champion of Lithuania! Our warmest congratulations to her owners!
02 May 2020


CONGRATULATIONS! Terra De Bern Liliber Voduwa - International champion! Our warmest congratulations to her owners!