Berner Sennenhund

Bernese Mountain Dogs are strikingly beautiful, tri-colored, large, working dogs and companion animals. The breed's reputation for possessing a pleasant disposition, a gentle, reliable character and their adaptability is attractive to a steadily increasing number of pet owners who are searching for an ideal companion dog.
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Tibetan mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, which was a guard dog in Tibetan monasteries, and also helped nomads in the Himalayan mountains. Since the first mention in ancient times, this breed has always been surrounded by myths and legends.
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Havanese is another ancient breed, appeared as considered in Cuba, called "pearl of the Antilles”. The Havana Bichon or Havanese is a toy sturdy dog with a lush, soft coat and a cheerful tireless disposition. The breed became known to the world relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among fans of the exotic.
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We have a very small by all accounts and standards, family kennel of Bernese mountain dogs, Havaneses and Tibetan mastiffs.

My goal is to breed dogs of the Bernese Sennenhund, Havanese and Tibetan Mastiff breeds with good health and remarkable character according to the FCI breed standard through careful mating planning.

I think that in breeding it is very important not only to raise puppies, but also to find them responsible and loving
future hosts.

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Terra De Bern Nicoletta visited a dog show on her way to the country house and won her second title - Best Baby!Well done!
11 June 2022
Excellent debut!
Terra De Bern Nicoletta, daughter of Rocky and Winnie, had a nice start of her show carriere. 27-28 May, 2022 National dog show in Kazakhstan 2x...
30 May 2022
Excellent debut of Terra De Bern Look Smart and his first title Best Baby! Well done!
27 June 2021