Tibetan mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, which was a guard dog in Tibetan monasteries, and also helped nomads in the Himalayan mountains. Since the first mention in ancient times, this breed has always been surrounded by myths and legends. Aristotle and Marco Polo, in his famous notes on the journey to Asia in 1271, as well as many other authors praise the natural strength and power of Tibetan mastiffs — both physical and mental. Even the barking of this dog is considered to be unique and highly valuable feature of the breed.


That part of the Northern slopes of the Himalayan mountains, where the mysterious Tibet lies, is reliably isolated from the rest of the world by snow peaks and lifeless desert. Precisely, due to this  isolation  Tibetan dogs managed to keep in its pristine their original form without losing their capacity or stamina and viability. Tibetan Mastiff are so used to the harsh climate and difficult living conditions that the breed has long been accompanied by beautiful legends and exciting myths. What fantastic exterior have these giants! Abundant long hair and very thick undercoat allow them to withstand any weather cataclysms, and thanks to strong bones, developed muscles, wide chest and strong legs  Tibetan mastiffs can easily overcome huge distances on rocky trails. The thick coat of the Tibetan mastiff includes a powerful lion's mane in the form of a collar around the neck, and the dog’s colour implies the wise symbols.


  1. The Tibetan Mastiff is a real aristocrat, it is a smart and noble dog that will easily fit into any style of life.
  2. The Tibetan Mastiff is extremely fond of his master, he is ready to devote every minute of his life to him or her: accompany him on walks, bring a ball, carry a loaded cart, just to be with the owner.
  3. Despite the external severity, the Tibetan Mastiff loves to play: he will run and jump, rush for a ball, will be glad to have fun and play different games with the master, like other breeds of dogs.
  4. If the owner is tired or does not want to play – no problem, the Tibetan Mastiff will immediately turn into a piece of furniture and will sleep somewhere near the owner.
  5. Tibetan mastiffs are very fond of children – they will be affectionate, attentive and caring with them. These giants allow kids to do with themselves whatever they want.
  6. Tibetan Mastiff will be affectionate as a kitten but only with the owner; with strangers, he is distrustful and on alert, and sometimes too vigilant.
  7. Dogs of this breed are excellent guards – your house and your property are under 100% protection.
  8. If there are several same-sex individuals in one house - males will never sort things out - they peacefully choose the leader and all will obey him. Females are different.
  9. The Tibetan Mastiff is a very clean dog – he always strives to keep his place clean.
  10. Tibetan Mastiff matures till 3-4 years old.
  11. A heat season in females happens once a year, in autumn and winter.
  12. It is desirable to feed one type of food and do not change it throughout the life. If you give dry food or kibble, choose the premium or super-premium class.
  13. Tibetan Mastiff is a very smart and intelligent dog, he is very sensitive to the mood of a master and adjusts to it.
  14. The shedding in Tibetan mastiffs occurs once a year, in the summer.

Our puppies

All our puppies grow at home with our family and our dogs. We feed the puppies with super premium dry food, but start with dairy products. Puppies are going to new homes at the age of 8-16 weeks (it depends on where they go). They have minimum 3 deworming, microchip, fully vaccinated, international vet passport and FCI export pedigree..